About Me:
My name is Joćo Cabeleira and I live in Portugal.

The thing I like the most to do is developing video games. I've spent several years developing my own game engine, the Voltaico Engine, as a way to learn the principles and techniques behind game programming.

Developing the engine has always been my main hobby, but in the last few years I also started programming demos and small video games. Besides programming, I also make all the artwork featured on my projects which includes the 3D models, textures, animations and sound.
Since game development is a complex task, I also develop my own support technology and some of the tools that compose my artistic creation pipeline.

More recently, I finished my master's degree in Informatics and Computers Enginnering. In my master thesis, I developed a new engine called Serenity Engine which generates beautiful reallistic lighting completely in real-time.

As for other aspects of my life, I also love practicing several sports, namely "Parkour", fitness training and skateboarding.


  • Extensive programming experience in C++, C, Java, C#, LISP, Assembly, and other languages
  • Graphics programming using the OpenGL API and also some experience with Direct3D
  • Deep knowledge about state of the art rendering techniques and effects
  • Shader programming and optimization and general-purpose computation on GPU
  • Experience in programming video game engines including rendering, animation, physics, audio, optimization, etc.
  • Development of video games from the ground up, from the design to the programming and artwork
  • Development of tools and plugins for 3dsMax including exporters for geometry, skinned objects and skeletal animations
  • Talent for 3D modelling, skinning, texturing and animation
  • Development of websites in HTML, PHP, MySQL and CSS
  • Some experience in programming for PIC microcontrollers in both C and assembly



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