About Me:
My name is Joćo Cabeleira and I live in Portugal.

My passion is aviation and technology related to it. I have a particular interest for navigation and augmented reality technologies and their use in both civil and military aviation. This passion led me to develop a few interesting projects the most important of which is the Monocle which is an augmented reality visor that provides night vision and navigation data.

Before aviation I had another long lasting passion which was video game development. During my youth and just until a few years back I used to spend a lot of my free time developing my own game engine and games. All of which you can find in this website. I even took this passion into my academic education, for my master thesis I developed an engine called Serenity Engine which combined a few state of the art techniques to generate reallistic lighting in real-time for games.
Developing games turned out to be a very multi-disciplinary activity which required me learning a lot about math, algebra, physics, etc. All of which provided good foundations for my education and for the projects that I would later develop.

As for other aspects of my life, I love flight simulation, both civilian and military. My flight simulators of choice are Prepar3D and Digital Combat Simulator and my favorite planes are the Boeing 737-800 and the A-10C.
Believe it or not, in the old days I also used to do Parkour. I was never great at it but wasn't all that bad either. I don't do that anymore though, I guess I'm getting old.


  • Extensive programming experience in C++
  • Graphics programming using the OpenGL API
  • Solid knowledge about state of the art rendering techniques
  • Shader programming and general-purpose computation on GPU
  • Development for embedded systems, namely Rasperry Pi and PowerPC
  • Good understanding of Kalman Filters, Monte-Carlo sampling, image processing and signal processing techniques
  • Good understanding of inertial navigation, GPS navigation and navigation integration algorithms



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