Monocle - Augmented Reality, Infrared and Night Vision
18 January 2018
Now for something completely different, I'd like to present the project that I've been working on for the past 5 years.

The project is called Monocle and is an augmented reality and night vision eyepiece. It allows the user to see in the infrared spectrum both during day and night and also displays navigation data composed of an artificial horizon and a compass.

The device was designed entirely by me including optics, case, electronics and software. You can find more details about it in the Projects section.
New Demo - Kindergarten Revisited
13 May 2013
It's been a long time since I posted my last demo but here I am with a new one. The demo called Kindergarten Revisited is a remake of the old Kindergarten demo using a new global illumination system based on Voxel Cone Tracing. This was the result of long months of hard work and research motivated by the desire to bring the latest lighting techniques to the Serenity Engine.

The demo also includes a lot of features that I added since the last demo, namely a built-in editor that you can use to play with the demo and create your own scenes.

As always you can find the demo on the Projects section.

Real-time Global Illumination with Serenity Engine
26 November 2010
I'm proud to present the new engine I developed for my master thesis called Serenity which generates global-illumination illumination in real-time.

I used the engine to create a demo called Kindergarten which I am confident that will amaze most of you. You can find this demo in the Projects section.

2nd Place for Mass Combat Vector
10 December 2009
I'm proud to anounce that the Mass Combat Vector game placed second on the demo showcase of the Videojogos 2009 (Videogames 2009) conference.

The Videojogos 2009 conference took place in Aveiro-Portugal, which featured several speeches focused on the academic work that is being developed about videogames in Portugal, and also featured the demo showcase where several games developed by students were presented to the audience.
Site Is Online!
23 July 2009
Finally the site about the Voltaico Engine is back online!

For those who remember, I created this site a few years ago and it stayed online for a while until I had to close it. After so much time, I finally got the spare time to put it back online.

During the time the site was down I continued to work hard on the engine and other projects, so you can expect to find lots of new interesting stuff in this site, including new games that can be downloaded for free.

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